Static VS Dynamic website, what’s the difference ?

Static VS Dynamic website, what’s the difference ?

Static websites:

One question comes to your mind about ” what is static website ? ” and let me answer that question by telling you that static websites are the most basic type of website and are the easiest to create.

Static Websites

Static Websites

A static is a website contains which consists of a couple of web pages with static (fixed) content, those pages is coded in HTML ( Hypertext Markup Language is the standard markup language for creating web pages and web applications. With Cascading Style Sheets and JavaScript, it forms a triad of cornerstone technologies for the World Wide Web, Wikipedia ).

The website which displays the same information to every visitor and so it doesn’t require databases or programming is a static website, you can build static website by creating a few HTML pages and upload them to your web host, those HTML pages need styling and you could do this using Cascading Style so the static website design could give you an advantage of differentiation, every page can be different from other pages if you want, to match the layout to different content and needs.

Now let’s get to a disadvantage, if you want to change anything in the website you need to manually update the code for each page you want to change and also change the Cascade style sheet.

Static websites Examples:

  • http://www.silkom.co.uk/
  • http://www.quayside906.co.za/

If you were a small business then i can tell you that you can use a static website and it will satisfy your need, of course not all your needs but it will do the job till you could build a dynamic website.

Dynamic websites:

It is exposed that you could figure out the answer for the next question ” what is dynamic website ? ” yes as you said it is an advanced type of websites that needs databases and web programming.

Dynamic Websites

Dynamic Websites

A dynamic websites contains web pages that are generated in real-time, those web pages include Web scripting code like PHP or ASP (a computer programming languages for adding dynamic capabilities to World Wide Web pages), When you access a dynamic web page the code written on this page is parsed on the Web server on your host and it result HTML code which is sent to your Web browser to display the text, images and visuals you see like this blog.

As you can see, web pages are connected to databases so you can pull in information in an organised and structured way to create web pages as many as you want and with variety of different ways and that was an advantage of using dynamic websites.

Dynamic websites Examples:

  • https://lo2y.com/
  • https://clickat.agency/

Using a dynamic website is your best choice if you were a big business, it will satisfy your need, of course a static website is not a good choice for you because you need a more functional website.

Difference Between Dynamic and Static Websites :

There are a lot of differences between Dynamic Websites & Static Websites you can get to know them through viewing that interesting video.

Now let’s wrap up the whole thing in just a few simple points ( advantages & disadvantages ) :

  1. Static websites are :
    • Easy, cheap to develop and cheap to host.
    • Requires web development expertise to update.
    • Changes and updates are time consuming.
    • Site is not useful for users, content can get stagnant.
  2. Dynamic websites are :
    • Much more functional website.
    • So easy to update.
    • It’s easier to add content and pages.
    • Fresh content loved by search engines and users.
    • Expensive to develop.
    • Slower to develop.
    • Hosting costs a little more.
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